Xylem offers processes vital to aquaculture success. Disinfection of circulated water is essential to maintaining fish health. Ultraviolet and ozone provide effective disinfection without producing harmful byproducts or chemical residuals. Xylem’s Wedeco brand is the global leader in energy efficient UV and ozone disinfection systems, providing state of the art equipment to meet aquaculture objectives. Xylem’s Xchange heat exchangers help maintain water temperatures within optimal ranges. Xylem offers a full complement of pumps from trusted brands like Flygt, Lowara, Goulds Water Technologies and Vogel. Whether for source water, circulation, or wastewater, there is a Xylem pump for any aquaculture application.

Xylem can provide instrumentation and software that monitors key process parameters such as water flow, dissolved oxygen (DO), ammonia, temperature and pH, and alerts operators and managers to potential problems. With timely alerts, operators can respond quickly to maintain operations in the optimal range for health.