Xylem has the knowledge and technology to lead in the implementation of one of the most sustainable management of our fresh water resources:  Water Reuse – safe, robust and at low life cycle costs. With Xylem state of the art technologies in ultraviolet disinfection, membrane filtration and oxidation by ozone, biological active filter or advanced oxidation processes, you will be able to reclaim all valuable properties of fresh water for its safest use to the desired application.  Xylem also has the energy efficient pumps needed to secure the collection and drive of the wastewater through the reclamation plant, and the pressurization of the purified water into its distribution system.

All reuse applications require the most careful design for securing the full and reliable purification of the water and make its use careless and affordable. Through process evaluation and energy studies, Xylem engineers can provide assistance at every step of the process. Together we can create a safe purified water supply for all including the strictest – providing the lowest life cycle costs to help keep rates affordable.